Massachusetts Solar Power Installation & Maintenance Services

Renewable Construction Services provides the following:

    • Installs solar PV systems for residential and commercial customers
    • Maintains the operation of all solar PV system installations
    • Provides electrical upgrades for customers
    • Provides roofing upgrades and replacements through the labor force provided by the IBEW Local 223 workers union
    • Maintains repairs of solar systems
  • Provides other alternatives such as battery backup systems and solar backup generators

Commercial – Residential Solar PC Installations

We do it right the first time! It is the only way to effectively install a solar power system expected to last 25 to 30 years. Renewable Construction Services specializes in professional solar power system installation services throughout the State of Massachusetts. Our experienced solar installation technicians follow a detailed process focused on optimizing your solar systems capabilities based on the positioning of your property, preferences and community guidelines. We are well versed on rooftop or ground solar panel installs based on what is best for your property’s particular access to continual sunlight. Safety is also a paramount focus of our company and train our technicians to follow OSHA regulated safety best practices during the course of your project.

Solar Power System Maintenance

Solar power systems are generally very low maintenance when set up correctly. However, from the moment that your system is installed RCS continues to monitor the production of your system and corrects any flaws that may be noticed before they take effect on your power bill.

Solar System Upgrades

As your family or home energy needs grow in demand for more power, it may be time look at upgrading your current solar power system by adding additional solar panels and/or components to increase your power reserves. Expect knowledgeable and fast service from Renewable Construction Services to boost your homes power capabilities.

Solar Power System Repair

Although built to stand up to harsh environments, sometimes Mother Nature has a way of throwing a curve ball at your current solar energy system.  For instance, excessive hail or breaking tree branches can cause damage to your solar panels.  Regardless of the reason, RCS will be at your service and can be counted on to repair your system quickly.

Battery & Power Backup Systems

Solar power battery backup systems store energy in case of a shutdown and also serves as a means to “sell” stored energy back into the established power grid. An AC coupling system can help to ensure this is possible by providing savings when the grid is up and offers power and security when it is down. Older solar systems may not possess adequate battery backup storage and may require an upgrade.  If you suspect that your solar power battery backup system is lacking in resources, give us a call about performing an analysis today.

Roofing Upgrades & Replacement

 During the initial inspection of your home, some homeowners realize that they need to make some repairs to their roof and even replace them. Here at RCS, if your roof needs to any repairs or upgrades, we provide resources to get the job done effectively and correctly.